Walk in Grace and
With Gratitude

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Our Sentiment

In our daily lives, may we always strive to empower and uplift ourselves and others. And walk our path with Grace and Gratitude.

Our Truth

It is evident we each have our own soul; our own purpose; our own path. We are here not only to wake up and recognize our purpose, but to realize the truth that we are one.

In this oneness we are blessed with our soul group that we interface with throughout our lives. Our soul group enable us to live through and learn from karmic lessons.

It is with our soul group that we gain great strength in healing and prayer. As we love and support each other we are reminded we are more than our individual selves. We are one. We are unlimited. We are love.

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  • Rev. Dr. Cindy Castillo, Ph.D

    Head Pastor

    Rev. Dr. Cindy Castillo, Ph.D

Pillars of Our Spirituality

  1. I believe in the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Alpha/Omega, Father/Mother God.

  2. I believe in the power of prayer and my personal communication with my God.

  3. I believe in the existence Universal Laws.

  4. I believe in the practice of spiritual healing.

  5. I believe in the psychic element.

  6. I believe karmic lessons allow for soul growth.

  7. I believe to assist the community is our way of life.